My memory was so important to this project. How many people actually get the chance to time travel. The opening chapter may grab your attention and hopefully it was not misleading. Taking you from now to then and back again.


I went so far back because that was the time period that needed the most care. Leaving no minor detail untouched. The minor details were key. At what point does life start? When you are young some things don’t count, right? So, it shouldn’t matter, right?  Every part counts. We matter from day one.


Trigger warning** please be aware that there is context in Truth Being Bondage concerning abuse. The event referenced in the text occurred many years ago. Those who know me, I dare them to test my memory with the outlining of details. A selfish act committed one time is still one time too many.


Think about news stories that you hear concerning young children being abused or losing their lives. It’s heavy. A child should not have to fight for their life for something preventable. I was a child who survived a horrific encounter. We all want to say, I turned out alright. For the most part, I did. From a realistic point of view, I also see where I was hindered.


My freedom of expression will speak for me. If you would like to read my story, please pick up the book, Truth Being Bondage by Mo Abbie here

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