This is my therapy being an (outgoing) introvert at heart. Overall, things have been good. No one can predict all that will happen throughout life no matter the amount of preparation given. The biggest challenge of my life was faced in my first few years of life. It really blew my mind when the memory came back and the extent given in hopes that it would be forgotten.


The areas of my life that was affected were mainly:

  • trust
  • forgiveness
  • opening of the heart
  • and the willingness to give.


My personal peace wins every time. This part of life could have been kept to myself, but being to myself is nothing new. I know that my journey can help others and I am excited about this opportunity to share. To learn more please purchase, read and review the book Truth Being Bondage. It is available at most major retailers. If you need help with moving beyond trauma and blockages, Passages to Truth (a journal) is coming soon. Thank you for your support!


Mo Abbie

In the blog post Rise or Fall, the excerpt is taken from a chapter near the end of the book Truth Being Bondage. The importance of this story is that it takes my journey full circle. You never know what may happen at any given moment. So live your life to the fullest. Don’t let anyone hijack your youth, your happiness or contentment. Keep love in your heart no matter what. An overwhelming experience can become your biggest life lesson. Stay blessed!


Two of the main reasons people do not get the results they want is articulating their point through communication and cooperation. You can love someone to bits but if you don’t express it in a way that resonates with them, it may not be received the way you would like it to be. Articulate your love. Leave no room for doubt. Cooperation, it takes two. Being on the same page for a certain goal can help manifestations come to pass sooner.


True story, I was in my mid 30’s when a certain event came back to me. It serves as the basis for the book Truth Being Bondage. As faded as it could have been when the choice is made to brush it off, brush it away, it doesn’t mean that it has no effect. This is a whole life effect. Maybe the better way to put it is, how do you manage childhood trauma?

1) Act as if it never occurred

2) Have counseling provided

3) Mention it at a later point in life especially if there is a noticeable social or growth block present


I will not say any route of disclosure is right or wrong. Personally, I am working through, 2 and/ or 3 is my preference, I do not see myself as a victim. I am still mainly in shock, and it’s been some years since the memory resurfaced. Anyone who has gone through this can benefit from removing any blockades in their life. My hope is for the reader to take action in moving forward to the fullness of life.


This book is very important to me. Your cooperation is requested by making a purchase please click the highlighted link Truth Being Bondage. It is also available at most bookstores and online retailers. Thank you in advance for your support and come back to the blog! Please tell a friend. 




Mo Abbie

Social media is a bit of a challenge for me that I can no longer avoid. With all of the things I am working on now, promotion is a must. Your support is appreciated.


Expect a daily blog here for this first week of April. Truth Being Bondage is an important written expression that has been made available to the masses. It is a memoir with an interesting perspective. I see it more as a learning tool.


Here, I would like to be as clear as possible about why I wrote this book and how this experience can help others. Please check back for more information.


PS. ***A formal announcement is coming soon about Truth Being Bondage companion journal expected to drop later this month April 2022. See you back here soon!

Yes, you can quietly garner the focus of attention. There may be something about your presence, your spirit or a matter of attraction that gains the attention of others. Sometimes you are seen, even when you don’t care to be seen. Here is an excerpt from Truth Being Bondage in the chapter Playing the Background.


Having to look out for my own protection I became keen on discernment. It’s one thing to see what people are presenting. As they call it, their representative. You should look out for angles. A position can be used to get closer to fulfill their personal agendas. Nonverbal communication can be just as telling. Watch how a person move as well as examine their character. There are times I do not catch it all. Fortunately, I have been able to snuff out many storms that were brewing.

My critical thinking skills would go into overdrive. All the questions a child asks are valid. At some point, it is as if we are shunned for taking a second look into things after a certain age. We are groomed to just accept everything we are presented, with no further questions. These days using your brain makes you a troublemaker. It’s a real go along to get along mentality. If beholding to deceit and lies is important to you keep it but keep that over there. I will continue to examine all people, places and things that impact my life.

I like dealing in the truth. I could care less about some fancy character someone made up or has modeled themselves after. That is cute and all, but what happens when you can no longer keep up the façade? Who will you become? Do you even know the real you?

I could imagine that Mom thought I was too young to know the truth about what happened to me. At what point do you come clean. There is never an easy time for something of that nature. That memory eventually disbanded from my mind, but it never really went away.