The present is only pointed into in small doses. Naturally, as memoirs delve into the past. In Truth Being Bondage we touch on present day. The most disheartening thing is I was in my mid 30’s when a repressed memory came back. A horrible memory it was, but it put so much into perspective. I found a whole new understanding of myself.


One simple question from a friend, that I would have normally blown off, helped this entire book writing journey unfold. My friend asked, “why are you still single.” I finally gave the question some thought, I went digging in my mind and I am so grateful. I only wish that I had done so sooner.


This excerpt is from the chapter, “Is It Me?”:

Women have been called out for dating a man’s potential. Consider me guilty of this. It is not just about what you want him to see and manifest. He must see that same potential as a reality within himself.

I decided to take on a self-examination. The question I can’t help but pose to myself, are these guys leaving something out when we break up? Am I being spared some painful truth to protect my feelings? The energy they give is as though they are standing in the way. Almost as if they were blocking the lane for my true mate to arrive. That could be the case.

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