Immediately after releasing the book I was concerned about how the title and the script on the back of the book would be received, especially by family. In this book my stance on their parentage is neutral. I love and appreciate my parents immensely and I am extremely grateful for them. I had to come back to the realization that it is exactly what it is, a book. Simply, it is reading and not just judging by the cover.


This book takes on a sort of hybrid of writing it is about my life. It mainly focuses on a certain time period and how it affected everything else. It is a ‘who done it’ of sorts. It is a bit of self-help. I got the chance to face any arrested development head on. I was able to travel back in time and analyze the things that required a deeper understanding. Looking at how things played out, I even understand why things were handled the way it was without judging whether it was right or wrong.


Emotional vulnerability is not my forte. There are portions of this book that allowed for that. I tried my best to avoid it to be honest. But I had to be honest with myself to even use the word truth in my title to be open enough allow for some vulnerability. There are also parts that show my personality of being playful and humorous. So if you run across something that reads that way, it is not by accident (I can’t help it).


Most of the book was written in the same order the chapters are displayed. However, heavier topics were written later or when I felt strong enough to face them. The first chapter was actually one of the last chapters I wrote. Which is why the book may have a wrap around effect when you read more into it.


This is inner work. Not only am I releasing, but I am also detaching from anything I no longer need to hold. I encourage the readers to do the same. Click here to order Truth Being Bondage. After reading, please rate and leave a book review.