One last disclaimer before we jump right into it. Don’t get me wrong, outside of one major incident, my childhood and young adult years were amazing. I would never take away from that or try to make things to be other than what they were. There is no need to compare war wounds or minimize what others may have gone through on a continual basis. Everyone has a story to tell. I always knew that I would write someday, but I never knew that I would tell my story. The reality is that my story is somewhat new to me since this major incident this book is focused around happened at such a young age and had been long forgotten. Do children forget sometimes, yes? If they forget, are they not affected, no? The trauma is ingrained. A repressed memory is a memory, nonetheless.


I feel for those who have had it rough throughout life. Let them find a proper outlet to loosen their worries. Experiencing peace and happiness should be desired in your heart, closely followed by your actions. This is my wish for the world.


Why ‘Truth Being Bondage’? Because the truth is said to set you free. When you know the truth but your caretake does not affirm it, you have nowhere else to go but internalize it. This is bondage.