This is my therapy being an (outgoing) introvert at heart. Overall, things have been good. No one can predict all that will happen throughout life no matter the amount of preparation given. The biggest challenge of my life was faced in my first few years of life. It really blew my mind when the memory came back and the extent given in hopes that it would be forgotten.


The areas of my life that was affected were mainly:

  • trust
  • forgiveness
  • opening of the heart
  • and the willingness to give.


My personal peace wins every time. This part of life could have been kept to myself, but being to myself is nothing new. I know that my journey can help others and I am excited about this opportunity to share. To learn more please purchase, read and review the book Truth Being Bondage. It is available at most major retailers. If you need help with moving beyond trauma and blockages, Passages to Truth (a journal) is coming soon. Thank you for your support!


Mo Abbie

In the blog post Rise or Fall, the excerpt is taken from a chapter near the end of the book Truth Being Bondage. The importance of this story is that it takes my journey full circle. You never know what may happen at any given moment. So live your life to the fullest. Don’t let anyone hijack your youth, your happiness or contentment. Keep love in your heart no matter what. An overwhelming experience can become your biggest life lesson. Stay blessed!