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Expect a daily blog here for this first week of April. Truth Being Bondage is an important written expression that has been made available to the masses. It is a memoir with an interesting perspective. I see it more as a learning tool.


Here, I would like to be as clear as possible about why I wrote this book and how this experience can help others. Please check back for more information.


PS. ***A formal announcement is coming soon about Truth Being Bondage companion journal expected to drop later this month April 2022. See you back here soon!

This story represents a moment in time when you feel 100% carefree. Just having a good time living in the moment. And in an instant, EVERYTHING can change. This excerpt is taken from the chapter ‘Outlook & Disposition’ in Truth Being Bondage by Mo Abbie. Since this book is mainly focused on an early childhood event, it is ironic how this early adulthood event almost instantly turned tragic.



Before I start on my core family. My relationship with my peer cousins, is a special one. I saved my cousins from jumping all at once. This was not intentional. We had gone to a home family gathering in Bolingbrook, IL. After we ate, one of our relatives invited us to hang out at a local park. We drove down to the location. The park was more like a forest preserve.

We were all entering early adulthood. We had a big kid moment. There was at least ten of us. We just took off running and laughing. There was no particular game, just being truly young and free. Then, I looked ahead. Faintly I thought, that looks like an express way sign. It appeared to be below where we were running. I looked again. I yelled, “STOP”! I stood still yelling STOP over and over until everyone stopped. There were no warning signs. No barriers were anywhere to be found. We had no idea that we were even on an elevation. The park had an abrupt cliff where the interstate exchange lay below. Everyone heard the warning. No one was harmed. There is a youthfulness that comes out amongst us anytime we come together. This bond has been a positive key factor in my life.

This book almost came into existence under a few other names. Just when I thought I had the name ready, the title of the book chose me. For some reason, I kept hearing what sounded like, ‘Truth be in bondage’. I agreed, ‘sure do’. Growing up with parents originating from the south, it sounded quite alright to me. However, I knew good and well that was so far off and grammatically incorrect. But I just kept hearing it.


I gave in and decided to make Truth be in bondage a chapter, even before I knew exactly what would go in this chapter. These words kept ringing. I knew that it had a greater purpose. Is a chapter even sufficient enough to express these words? Once I broke down the meaning, it basically described the reason overall for the book itself.


Finally the words ‘be’ and ‘in’ came to fuse together to become ‘being’. It made sense and rang together better. That is how I came to title the book ‘Truth Being Bondage’. This was it! I had my final title! Funny enough, the title still may be slightly grammatically incorrect. This quirk creates a curious tone. A person would want to learn more in my opinion.


Take the time to read, share and rate. The more the word spreads about the book the sooner we can open the discussion. Here is another retailer carrying the book Truth Being Bondage: A Memoir, buy here. Thank you for your support.